Where are you located?

  • As of November 2017, we are located in Maine.

What is a seconds/b-grade pin?

  • Seconds/b-grade means that these pins have minor defects such as black specks or dust embedded in the enamel.

Why do you use rubber clutches instead of metal?

  • Rubber clutches prevent pin posts rom breaking/bending during shipment, while metal butterfly clasps often get crushed while traveling.

Is there a way to fix a bent pin post?

  • Yes! Place a rubber clutch on the pin post, then gently (and SLOWLY) push the needle back in place. It should take 20 seconds or less. You can also use a pair of pliers to gently bend the post back.

Who is your manufacturer?

  • Currently, I like to keep my production partners secret. It takes months to years of trial and error to find a good factory. I gave out my manufacturer's information in the past, only to have them become super busy, which caused the quality decrease.

Can we collaborate?

  • Of course! ♡ But only if you're an artist and would like to work together to create a product. Shoot me an email at sourattitudeclub@gmail.com

Sour Attitude Club is not currently accepting offers from "Instagram influencers."