• Image of Fairy Deer Deluxe Color-Changing Pin
  • Image of Fairy Deer Deluxe Color-Changing Pin

This cutie was made in collaboration with @slybonsai (www.slybonsaishop.com) ! This pin is MASSIVE and features enamel that changes color when heat is applied.

♡ 2.5”
♡ Gold-plating
♡ Changes color based on temperature (from normal to shiny!)
♡ Double-posted
♡ Rubber clutches
♡ Ships in a velvet drawstring bag in a bubble mailer

This pin is technically soft enamel, however, the color-changing portions are slightly more thick. This special enamel also has a bit of a different texture and finish compared to regular enamel. When heat is applied, this enamel turns clear to reveal different enamel underneath. Fuchsia changes to mint, navy to blue, & black to grey.


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